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Did you know that stretching and flexibility can help you gain strength and lose weight? It’s true. Stretching is just as important to your workout program as cardio and strength training. You need flexibility to grow stronger. Building muscle mass helps your body burn fat and calories, leading to more weight loss–at a quicker pace. Studies show that becoming more flexible can boost strength gains by as much as 50 percent! You need to lift weights three times a week in order to see these results and you should stretch

Functional training seems like a new trend, but it has actually been around for ages. In fact, physical therapists created the term decades ago to describe the programs they created to aid their patients’ recovery after injuries. Fitness professionals everywhere then embraced the idea and designed programs using the term. Functional training now refers to weight-bearing exercises that simulate everyday movements and help build core strength. Benefits of Functional Training Functional training can improve your everyday life; it is training for the whole body, not one muscle group. Functional training works