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What is Functional Training?

Functional training seems like a new trend, but it has actually been around for ages. In fact, physical therapists created the term decades ago to describe the programs they created to aid their patients’ recovery after injuries. Fitness professionals everywhere then embraced the idea and designed programs using the term. Functional training now refers to weight-bearing exercises that simulate everyday movements and help build core strength.

Benefits of Functional Training

Functional training can improve your everyday life; it is training for the whole body, not one muscle group. Functional training works by exercising your muscles in a way that is similar to the way your body is used every day. It prepares your body for different kinds of daily activities and helps you maintain strength and increase endurance.

Functional training helps improve strength, the respiratory system, and flexibility. Plus, functional training is low impact, which means it is easy on the joints, so it is perfect for anyone at any fitness level. And because these exercises have a large range of motion, they also increase flexibility, improve your posture and balance (which we need in everyday life), and this type of training can even reduce your risk of injury. Functional fitness can help improve chronic back pain, muscular pain, and joint pain, and by mimicking everyday life movement patterns, your body is better able to cope with daily stresses. Functional training strengthens more than the muscles, it also strengthens the surrounding ligaments too, which is the area that can often become injured. This means you are less prone to injury and may bounce back faster if you do become injured.