Strength Training with RedX Fitness in Decatur, Madison, and Hartselle

When it comes to strength training, RedX has you covered. You’ll find a wide selection of equipment to keep you busy, with options like a full line of selectorized and plate-loaded machines, free weights with inclined/declined settings, benches, smith machines, and dumbbells from 2 — 120 pounds.

That means from beginners to expert weight lifters, our Madison, Decatur, and Hartselle health clubs offer just the right tools to get it done.

Come on over to our gyms to start lifting today. Try us out with a free pass!


If a fitness program was a house, strength training would be the foundation. RedX Fitness in Decatur, Hartselle, and Madison makes sure you have a good foundation for fitness success with its fully-equipped strength training facilities.

That means whether you’re just rounding out your fitness program or you’re a competitive lifter, we can accommodate your needs.

Want to make the greatest gains with your limited gym time? Our personal trainers can help give you an edge with one-on-one guidance and a personalized strength training plan.